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Cheap air tickets

This webpage is focused on the basic information about the cheap air transport, with sight on the cheap air tickets. Today, it is possible to travel not only within Europe but world-wide by using low cost airlines. If the price is the biggest issue for you while making up your mind, then this webpage full of information how to get cheap air tickets online is going to help you.

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Rules for buying cheap air tickets

Thanks to the big competition between airlines you have an opportunity to choose among them the best offer of cheap air tickets. If you intend to save money and buy cheap air tickets you have to follow few basic rules:

Do the reservation of air tickets online by using your computer or notebook, skip ordering a reservation over the phone or physically at the desk of an airline company. This is the first step how to buy cheap air tickets. Or you can try to purchase cheap air tickets in the low cost airline companies [low cost airlines as SkyEurope, Easy Jet, Smart Wings, RyanAir, Click 4 Sky...] but where you have to count with a lesser comfort or with some restrictions during the transport. However, this is not such a big problem if you travel within Europe.


Another important rule for buying cheap air tickets is to make a reservation soon enough, even few months in advance. Thus the price of the air ticket can be much smaller than when you decide to buy it just few days before departure.
It can also pay off to monitor special promotions of airline companies and buy an air ticket during a sale. Also do not let any clerk to print out a classical air ticket for you. If possible use the possibility to be issued an electronic air ticket ETIX, which you yourself can print out later. This is another way how to buy a cheap air ticket.
If you have a possibility to depart from a smaller airport, where smaller taxes are paid, than you have found another way how to buy cheap air tickets. Buy a return ticket, they have a better price ratio than a one-way ticket, and also try to use the same airline for all the legs of your flight.
And the last rule, pay for the air ticket on-line with your credit card or by bank transfer [avoid cash payement]. This is another way how to buy cheap air ticket.

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If you follow these few rules you have a possibility to buy cheap air tickets and thus to travel within Europe or world-wide at much lower cost than necessary.

How to make a reservation of a cheap air ticket?

Simplified example: You can research and subsequently make a reservation of a cheap air ticket on webpages of an airline, travel agency or online agent. In the on-line form choose your destination and the point of departure, and also the dates of your flights. Then click on the "search" button or enter other details about the flight if they are required.
After you have made a reservation you will be informed by email and in following hours an operator will contact you and specify the details of your cheap air tickets and your payment. After you have made a reservation I recommend to read through all pertinent information on the webpage of an airline of your choice - information for passangers. If you do not have experience with flying than they can be very valuable for you.

Cheap air tickets and low-cost airlines Sky Europe, Easy Jet, Smart Wings...

Low-cost airlines ex. Sky Europe, Easy Jet, Smart Wings... are capable to arrange for you cheap air tickets, specially with comparison with regular clasic airline companies, however you have to count with some restrictions - cheap air ticket is not the only difference. First you can fly less comfortably in smaller seats. Usually, there are more seats in the airplane of the same size. To decrease the costs, there is usually no free refreshment. Also the connecting flights do not have to concur. However, while traveling within Europe these invonveniences are not too dramatic... Of course it is always good to research all information about the flight in advance.
There are following low-cost airlines operating from Prage's Ruzyne Airport: Sky Europe, Easy Jet, Smart Wings, Click 4 Sky, Ryan Air, Sterling, Aer Lingus, German Wings, Norwegian Air and others.
Thus you can buy cheap air tickets to these destinations: Bulgaria, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, England, Spain and to many others and directly to places like London, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Neapol, Roma, Brussels and others.

Some low-cost airlines [Ryan Air, Smart Wings] also fly from Ostrava and Brno airports.

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What to be beware of while making a reservation of a cheap air ticket?

Make sure if the price includes all other fees. It is necessary now to mention from what is the final price composed: price of the air ticket proper + airport taxes + fees for transaction. It is essential to get informed if the price shown is the actual final price. Otherwise you can be surprised that other fee can be added to seemingly cheap air ticket.

Cheap air tickets, additional information

Links to the airports in the Czech Republic: international airport Prague Ruzyne, international airport Brno Turany, Leos Janacek Intl. Airport Ostrava, Airport Pardubice and international airport Karlovy Vary.

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[1] Martin, Prague says...

It happened to me 2x that LCA RYANAIR had cancelled a reservation of my air ticket. Have anybody encountered the same problem? Or do you have any idea where the problem was created, I fly often with RYANAIR, their cheap air tickets are so convenient and I don't want to give them up.

[2] Peter, London says...

I have to draw attention to the fact that it was not mentioned that the price of the air ticket depends on the date of departure. The price of an cheap air ticket is decided whether you travel within a peak period, outside of holiday season, during working days or weedends...

[3] George, Dublin says...

The price of your cheap air ticket is based also on your departure date. The price of an air ticket depends whether you travel within peak period, outside of holiday season, during working days or during weekends... consider even the day when you fly.


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